Wolf Canyon Reopening Guidelines FAQ

Parent Handbook:

Here is a link to the Parent Reopening Handbook (Click here for link)  published by CVESD.  Much of the information is applicable for all students, staff, and families within CVESD.  The questions and answers below are more specific details for Wolf Canyon. 

Mask Requirements:

Students will only be required to wear masks when indoors.  Masks will not be required for students, or staff, while outside (that includes arrival, dismissal, recess, and lunch).  Obviously, if families feel more comfortable with their child wearing masks outdoors they can opt to tell their children to do so.

Recess and Lunch:

We will be returning to as typical a lunch and recess schedule as we can.  Students will be allowed to play outside, use equipment (including the play structures) and will not be required to wear a mask.  We will do our best to limit the interactions between students in other classes but, based on new guidance it is not strictly mandatory to prevent students from mixing (outdoors).  

Temp checks and health screening:

Health screening is now something that we are asking families to conduct at home.  If your child does not feel well, or is displaying symptoms consistent with COVID, please keep them home and notify the school.  We are also not required to perform temp checks upon student arrival.  We will continue to monitor student health throughout the day and respond according to our health decision tree protocol.  


The guidelines for quarantining have changed significantly.  Please take a few moments to read over the newest guidelines.  (Click Here for the New Guidelines) 

Parents on Campus:

Our guidelines for parents visiting campus are still in the works.  What we know for now, on the first three days of school, parents will be allowed to walk their children to their classrooms, drop them off, say hello to their teacher, and then are asked to leave right away.  Beginning Monday, July 26th parents will be asked to drop their children off at the appropriate entry gate.  After the 26th, we will work within updated guidelines to welcome parent volunteers and visitors back on campus.  Thank you for your patience as we work with the district and Local Health Jurisdiction to determine those processes.  

Drop off and pickup (gates)

Beginning tomorrow morning, you will see large signs that indicate your child’s entry gate.  All students will enter through one of four designated gates on the East side of the school campus.  Tomorrow through Friday, the gates will open at approximately 8:35 in order to allow families to walk their children to class.  Beginning on the 26th, our gates will open at approximately 8:40.  


The Chula Vista Elementary School District is offering free antigen and PCR (also known as NAAT – Nucleic Acid Amplification Test) testing for COVID-19 to staff and students starting today and ending Friday, July 30 at the Education Services and Support Center (ESSC) located at 84 East J Street, Chula Vista. The testing site will be at the southwest end of the main District building, near the Board Room.  Testing will be offered from 8:00AM – 4:30PM. Registration for this testing will be conducted on site.  No appointments are necessary. 

Starting August 2, the District will provide both the Antigen and PCR tests at each school on a two-week rotation.  Parents must OPT-IN for the two-week testing.  A link will be sent prior to August 2 for parents to provide consent and opt-in their child(ren). School testing schedule will be posted on the District website in the Safe Return to School Information Center.  Testing is voluntary, but recommended.  Our voluntary testing and tracing program assists to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.  Thank you for helping to make CVESD a safe place to learn and work

Will the water refill stations be filtered water?

The water stations are not using filtered water.  They are using the same water that is typically distributed through the standard drinking fountain.

Can you bring a lunch box or does it have to be a disposable lunch?

Yes, you can still bring a lunch box with you to school.  We will also have school breakfast and lunch available.  This year, lunch and breakfast will come in the form of pre-packaged items.   

When my student gets there for the first day and has never been to the class before, how does he know where to go?

We know the first day can be scary.  There will be plenty of adults outside, including teachers where available (based on grade level) to greet students and ensure they make it to the correct spot.

Will children be allowed to ride bikes or scooters to school?

Yes, students are allowed to ride their bikes and scooters to school, and will have access to the bike and scooter rack in the front of the school.  Upon locking their bikes and scooters up they will enter the school through their designated gate. 

Do we have to drive to school to pick up our kids or can we walk?

Families are still more than welcome to walk to school.  We simply ask that as you drop your children off at the designated gate you do not congregate. 

How will the mask requirement be enforced? (especially for the younger children who may be noncompliant)

We will continue to address this process the same way we handle any situation at school in which a student makes a decision to not follow rules and or behavioral guidelines. 

Will disposable kids masks be permitted?

Yes, disposable kid’s masks will be permitted.  

If a teacher must stay home due to a symptom, will a substitute be used and will we be notified beforehand? Yes, a substitute teacher will be assigned and parents will not be notified ahead of time which is in line with past practice.

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