Absence Reporting Procedure

Because of this year’s COVID attendance protocol, we are experiencing a higher-than-normal absence rate and we desperately need your help.  Each time a student is absent from school we are required to go into the system and code it appropriately.  We can only do that if that information has been communicated to us by the family.  

How can you help?  If your child is going to be absent, we ask that you communicate that information with us.  A phone call always works, but often takes additional time to sort out.  To expedite the process please email the information listed below to WolfCanyonSchool@cvesd.org 

Student’s Full Name:

Teacher’s Name: 

Guardian’s Name: 

Date of Absence: 

Reason for Absence*: 

*If your child will be absent because of any of the following COVID related symptoms please include those symptoms in the email.  Please note that if your child is sick with any of the following symptoms, they cannot return to school until they have received a negative PCR Covid test or have been quarantined for 10 days (returning on the 11th day).

 Fever > 100.0F Cough Poor appetite
 Shortness of breath Fatigue Runny nose/congestion
 Sore throat Headache Nausea, vomiting
 New loss of taste/smell Body aches Diarrhea


Wolf Canyon 

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