Tomorrow is Fall Themed Dress-Up Day!

Don’t forget, this Friday is a Fall-Themed Dress-Up Day!  We are encouraging students to dress in fall colors, a Halloween costume, or like their favorite character from literature.  Please remember the following guidelines for tomorrow.  

  • Regular school rules regarding the dress code must be followed.  
  • No masks (other than face masks), canes, sticks, accessories, inflatable costumes, weapon-like items of any kind, fake blood, or other substances that will spill or cause a mess will be allowed.
  • Unfortunately, we aren’t able to allow students to bring treats for their class.  If you would like to do something like that feel free to pass them out after school.
  • Students may not wear anything suggestive or provocative in nature. 
  • Attire can not promote the use of illegal substances or activities, be derogatory or disrespectful, or portray violence.
  • Students must show respect to other students by not touching, defacing, or insulting other students’ costumes.
  • Students must show respect for others by not choosing costumes that are insensitive and/or offensive to the diverse backgrounds represented by others at our school.

Thank you for your help in ensuring these guidelines are met so that we can enjoy a festive day!  

Thank you,
Casey LangePrincipal 

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