Hello Wolf Canyon Families

We appreciate everyone’s patience and resolve during our transition from winter break back to school.  It has been such a joy to welcome students and staff back into our halls and classrooms!  This email contains a great deal of important information, and we truly appreciate you taking the time to read it in its entirety.   

Please be aware that the guidelines for quarantine, testing, and returning to school are rapidly evolving.  As this happens, we are doing our very best to stay informed and provide quick support to our families.  We ask that you continue to exercise patience and grace toward everyone as we navigate these waters together.  

Below are the current guidelines for testing:

CVESD also understands there are still many questions that families have related to the protocols in place.  With that in mind, they have developed a COVID 19 email address COVTEST4@CVESD.ORG 

If you have any COVID-related questions or concerns, please reach out directly to that email as it is checked throughout the day and responded to quickly. 

Also, with the increase of positive cases the processes for notifying the community of said cases and close contacts has changed. 

What’s the same:  Each time there is a positive case at school you will receive the general email with the non-close contact notification form attached

What is different: If it was determined that your child was a close contact while at school you will receive a secondary email explaining the next steps.  The email that you will get contains a survey for you to fill out.  This survey is a critical step as it gives you an opportunity to provide important information and choose a quarantine option.  If you don’t fill the form out within 24 hours, it will be assumed that your child will be out the full ten days and return on day 11.

Please let us know if your child has tested positive (whether from a home test, test from a doctor, test from a county testing site, or while taking a test at the district)

What to do if your child tests positive: Use the procedures below to notify us of any positive test that occurs beginning today, 1/14/2022. You do not need to report a case that occurred prior to today as that has already been captured by the previous process.

  1. Write your child’s name on the test kit and take a picture of it (home test) or download the copy of the lab report sent to you by the testing lab (non-district lab).
  2. Send an email to CovTest3@cvesd.org using the template below.
  3. Make sure to also include casey.lange@cvesd.org on the email.

Email Template:

Subject Line: Positive COVID Test

Body: Name, Date of Birth, School (because it goes to the district as well), Grade, Classroom #, Symptom Onset Date, Symptoms, Contact Number, Last day at school.

Thank you,

Casey Lange

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