Updated Arrival Process!

Good evening, Wolf Canyon Families,

The start to fourth quarter has been incredible, and it is amazing to think that we have only thirty-five more days left in the 21-22 school year.  As we all know, the end of the year holds many special and exciting events, and we are thrilled to end the year with our best foot forward! 

We are also excited that we have seen a steady decline in COVID cases throughout the county, and at Wolf Canyon.  With the decrease in positive cases, we also continue to see certain restrictions/protocols ease, and we are eager to move closer and closer to what we would consider a “normal,” school environment. Because of these changes, and in preparation for how we will begin next school year, we are planning a small modification to our arrival process…so please make sure to read this message in its entirety.

Beginning 4/18, the main gate, near the front office, will be opened at 8:20 for all First through Sixth Grade students to enter through.  Once they have entered, they will head to the main blacktop area and find their classroom letter (they will know where it is located because they have been practicing with their teachers all week).  Once there, they will place their backpacks down and can do one of two things:

1.  Sit quietly and read a book, work on homework, or chat with friends from their classroom

2.  Run/Walk the track.

At about 8:42 our supervision staff (which will include three to four staff) will blow the whistle and all students that are running/walking will walk to their lines.  Teachers will then pick students up from their line at 8:45.

Below are general guidelines and exceptions to the new process:

General Parent Guidelines:  Unfortunately, parents are still not permitted to hang out after dropping off (which is consistent with our current practice), but we anticipate that this will be changed for the 22-23 school year!!  With that being said, we encourage parents to drop their children off and say goodbye at the main gate. 

Bus Riders:  The buses arrive after 8:20 and those students will enter the normal bus gate near the bus loop and will walk directly to their classroom lines on the blacktop. 

Students Eating Breakfast: Students that eat breakfast will still be able to head to breakfast through the main gate beginning at 8:00.  When they finish eating breakfast, they will head directly to their classroom line.

Kindergarten Students: Because kindergarten students have yet to use this blacktop area this year, our kinder team would prefer to keep the current arrival process in place.  Please continue to bring your kindergarten student/s to the Kinder gate.  We will continue to open the K gate at about 8:35 each morning and will close the gate at 8:45.  

Room 505:  Please disregard this process and continue the process that is currently in place for your children. 

Thank you,

Wolf Canyon

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