Morning Parking Lot Reminders

Good Afternoon Wolf Canyon Families,

Thank you for making the transition to the new school year so smooth!  We have noticed many families walking this year, and the impact has been immense.  In fact, the traffic in the parking lot has improved dramatically, and we thank you for your efforts. 

With that in mind, we did want to share a few quick reminders and tips.

  1. Please remember to always use the crosswalk.  We know that it can be a bit faster to cut across the parking lot in different sections, but drivers have been trained to watch for pedestrians in the crosswalks and not necessarily in other places.  We have had a couple of close calls recently and want to ensure everyone arrives safely.  We also want to continue to teach all our students the safest way to cross a busy street or parking lot.
  2. Our student crossing guard teams are back!!  Please exercise a bit more patience and understanding than usual as we work to get our teams totally trained.  Once they have been on the job for a bit, the time spent waiting in the drop-off line will shorten!
  3. The signs that are posted near the edge of the sidewalk in the drop-off lane that say, “No stopping, pull all the way forward,” are intended to prevent drivers from leaving their cars unattended and parked.  When dropping off we ask that you please pull as far forward as you can.  If you have driven past the first crosswalk (where you see me each morning), and all the cars in the line in front of you have stopped, you can have your children exit the vehicle and then pull away.  You do not have to wait until you get to the front of the line to have them leave the vehicle.
  4. It is fastest if children start preparing to exit the vehicle as soon as you enter the parking lot.  Then, once you stop, they can say goodbye and I love you, hop out of the car, and shut the door quickly.  The faster we can get students out of cars, the shorter the wait time will be. Those few extra seconds make all the difference when we are trying to get so many cars through the line.
  5. The bus loop located at the southwest corner of the school is designated for busses and staff parking.  Please continue to be mindful of this.  We have had a few close calls with drivers making illegal U-turns at both, the entrance, and exit of the south bus loop.  Please remember that area is not intended as a drop-off area.  We kindly ask that you use the main drive-thru loop.

We can’t thank you enough for your ongoing support! 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Principal Lange   

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