Rainy Day Arrival and Dismissal

Goor Morning Wolf Pack Families,

Morning Arrival and Assembly:

Unfortunately, we will have to cancel the morning assembly, but look forward to being back out on the blacktop next week!

Gates will open at 8:00 for students that are eating breakfast.  We will have all other students enter the MPR beginning at 8:15.  At 8:40, we will do a staggered dismissal of 3rd-6th grade students.  They will head down to class and line up outside of the classroom for an 8:45 start.  

TK-2 will remain in the MPR for teachers to pick up at 8:45.  


If it is still wet outside, but not raining at the end of the day, we will proceed with our normal dismissal process.  If it is raining, we will follow the rainy-day dismissal schedule below…

TK and Kindergarten:  Bus riders will be walked down to the lunch area and wait either at the tables or in the MPR depending on the conditions. All other kindergartners will be picked up directly from their classrooms. We will open the K gate at approximately 1:25 to allow parents to head toward their child’s classroom.    

First through Sixth:  Bus riders will be walked down, or dismissed to the lunch area, and wait either at the tables or in the MPR depending on the conditions. Students who walk home, or who are picked up by car will be dismissed from their classroom at 1:45. For students whose parents pick them up in person, we will open the gates between 1:35 and 1:40  for them to head to their classroom. At 1:55, all students not picked can be brought to the front office.

Please note, that if your child’s classroom teacher uses a blog, email, or Class Dojo, they may also communicate additional information with you so please be on the lookout for that. 

Thank you,

Wolf Canyon

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