PTA Reflections 2022 Winners

Congratulations to our PTA Reflection Winners. **1st and  2nd place winners in each division and category be moving up to Chula Vista Council for another round of scoring.  

Primary Division (Grades K-2) Visual Arts 

**1st Place Award of Excellence: Eloise Grimm (2nd grade) “Singing in the Sun”   

Intermediate Division (Grades 3-5) Visual Arts 

**1st Place Award of Excellence: Gabriella Herrera (4th grade) “Bullying Hurts” 

**2nd Place Award of Merit: Kara Santos (5th grade) “City of Pollution” 

3rd Place Honorable Mention: Kamryn Legaspi (5th grade) “The Choice is Yours” 

Middle School Division (6th grade) Visual Arts 

**1st Place Award of Excellence: Rafael Canoy “I Have a Dream” 

**2nd Place Award of Merit: Valentina Pena “Untitled” 

3rd Place Honorable Mention: Meilani Luffborough “Enough” 

Middle School Division (6th grade) Photography 

**1st Place Award of Excellence: Emma Macharia “When the Sky is Blue” 

Middle School Division (6th grade) Literature 

**1st Place Award of Excellence: Cynthani Lopez “Flower Blossoms” 

Thank you to all of our participants. And a special thank you to all our judges! 

Wolf Pack

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