New CVESD Progress Report/Report Card

Dear Parents and Guardians:

The purpose of the following letter is to provide clarity regarding the new CVESD Progress Report (formerly titled report card).   Let me begin by saying, we are incredibly proud of the progress our students have demonstrated thus far and look forward to seeing their continued growth.   

The purpose of the progress report is:

  • To communicate a student’s academic achievement/progress toward established year-end District Learning Targets/State Standards.
  • To communicate a student’s use of key learning skills which are critical to student success.
  • To indicate a student’s learning progress.  This helps to establish areas of strength and areas where additional time and effort would be beneficial.

Below you will find the breakdown of the many indicators embedded within the progress report itself.

Citizenship and Learning Skills

This section of the progress report addresses classroom behaviors such as following school rules and expectations, managing responsibilities, and communicating with others. 

A student will receive a C, U, or I to indicate current performance in each area:





This section of the progress report provides information on your student’s current level of performance in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, Language, Foundational Skills, Mathematics (all aligned to the Common Core State Standards), Science, and Social Studies.  

A student will receive a 4, 3, 2, or 1 to indicate current performance in each area.  It is important to remember that these numerical values are based on student progress toward end-of-the-year grade-level expectations.  The scoring guide or rubric, which provides a description of each level (1-4) for each learning target is embedded directly below this paragraph, can be viewed on the district website, and will be sent home at the same time as progress reports.

TK Addendum English.pdfKindergarten Addendum English (1).pdf1st Grade Addendum English.pdf,   2nd Grade Addendum English.pdf,   3rd Grade Addendum English.pdf4th Grade Addendum English.pdf5th Grade Addendum English.pdf6th Grade Addendum English.pdfNew Progress Report Flyer_linked.pdf (more information for parents), LAYOUT for PROGRESS REPORT.pdf 

The main difference with the progress report is the qualification that accompanies each number, ex: 4 (met/exceed).  At this point in the year, many of the standards have still not been taught.

Ex:  In writing, there are three main genres taught; informative, opinion, and narrative.  These types of writing are not all taught at the same time.  If your child’s grade level teaches narrative writing in Q3, then they will not be able to earn a 4 in Q2 because not all standards have been taught yet.  At the point it has been taught, a student could then earn a 4.

As a result, you will see many 2s or 3s, which is to be expected because scores are based on mastery of end-of-year standards. The new scoring indicators also leave a lot of room with respect to students meeting/exceeding.  It your child is exceeding, not just meeting in an area, you may receive additional information in the comment section outlining their success.  


        3–Nearly Met


        1–Not Met

An NA is used when an area has not been assessed or when there is not enough information. 


Casey Lange

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