Second Family Residency for Returning Students!

If a student and his/her family reside with another family and they are unable to provide a document to verify their own residency, the attached “Second Family Affidavit” form needs to be submitted, along with the “Verification of Residency” form and supporting verification documents.

The person whose name appears on the bill must complete and sign the original Verification of Residency Affidavit form along with the bottom portion of the Second Family Affidavit form. The parent/legal guardian must fill out and sign the top portion only of the Second Family Affidavit.

Photo ID of the parent/guardian and person providing the bill for residency must also be provided for second family residency verification.


Verification of Residency Form (to be completed by person providing bill):

Verification of Residency Form_Eng_Span (08-20) FINAL(2)

Second Family Affidavit (to be completed by person providing bill and parent/guardian):

Second Family Residency Form_Eng_Span (08-20) FINAL(1)


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