Meet the Teacher Parent Meeting

Please click the link below to view the dates, times and links for our 2020-21 Meet the Teacher Parent Meetings.

We are trying to respond to e-mails as fast as we can. Our phones have been down the last few days and therefore we are experiencing a large volume of e-mail communication. Teachers should be contacting you very soon to introduce themselves and invite you to their parent meeting. They also have access to student login information.

User Names:  Your child’s username is their unique StudentID# . My example would be

Passwords, Transitional Kindergarten through First Grade: Lowercase first initial + lowercase second initial + student ID + equal sign(=) .  For example, my name is Mathew Shy so my password would be ms12345= 

Passwords, Second through Sixth Grade: Capitalized first initial + lowercase second initial + birthday.  For example, my name is Mathew Shy and I was born June 22, 1976 then my password would be Ms06221976 

If you are trying to login to Office 365 with your student’s credentials using the directions below, and you are not successful, please know that the District is having trouble loading all the Usernames and Passwords into the system. Several thousand are being loaded each day.

Please continue to try throughout the week and if you are not successful by Friday morning, please contact the Parent Helpline 619-409-6638.

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