Commitment Form

I know many of you have questions regarding the Commitment Form that was shared on our blog yesterday. Please see the response to two frequently asked question.

Question: Can we wait until after the Town Hall on October 8th to respond?

Answer: We will absolutely extend the deadline through October 9th so you have the opportunity to attend the Superintendent’s Virtual Town Hall Meeting on October 8th at 6:00 pm. If you already submitted your commitment form and would like to revise your response after the Town Hall, you may do that.

Question: Why are we being asked to fill out a commitment form for the rest of the school year? Why not for just the quarter? 

Answer: Thank you for the feedback. Dr. Escobedo agrees that the commitment should be for the quarter. A similar survey would be sent out each quarter. Again, we want to reiterate that any opening is based on transmission rate data that will be continuously examined. Please tune in to the October 8 District Virtual Town Hall meeting for more details.

Please click the link below for additional questions and answers.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Commitment Form

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