Staff Appreciation

Wolf Canyon Staff Appreciation

Week of May 10th

Help us say THANK YOU!

Let’s appreciate our Wolf Canyon staff for their dedication and commitment to our Timberwolves.

We also want to thank you, parents, for leading and support your

Monday Memories: 05-10-21

  • Share your favorite memory with a staff member.  E-mail or message them (on Teams, Seesaw, Edmodo, etc.)
  • You can create your wone or use this template

Tuesday Portrait Tuesday: 05-11-21

  • Draw & share a portrait of your teacher or staff member.
  • You can use this frame to draw.

Write-a-Poem Wednesday: 05-12-21

  • Write your teacher or staff member an acrostic poem letting them know how much you care.
  • You can write your own or use this example

Thankful Thursday: 05-13-21

  • Make a cared letting your teacher or staff member know why you appreciate them!
  • This page might help you brainstorm.

Wish List Friday: 05-13-21

  • Send your teacher or staff member something off their wish list.
  • Wish list
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