Chalkwalk Prep Day

For volunteers prepping grids and outlines:

 On Monday, May 22nd we will be gridding the sidewalk and drawing an outline of the art starting at 9:00.  Please come prepared with sunblock, a hat, and clothes you don’t mind getting “chalky”. No need to check in with the school office.  Mrs. Adamos will be at the front of the school. 

For our Chalk Walk Volunteers Tuesday, May 23rd: A check-in table will be at the front of the school. Do not check in at the front office.  Please arrive at 8:30. You should have received an email with a training PowerPoint. It is important to review the PowerPoint prior to Tuesday.  

If you are setting up canopies, you can start setting up canopies as soon as you arrive. The canopies will be staged in the grass near the front gate. No need to check-in. Set up canopies with the corresponding teacher/classroom labeled on the canopy first. You may leave as soon as all the canopies are set up.

If you loan us your shop vac or canopy, you may bring it to the school office on Monday or Tuesday morning.  Please label your item with your name and the teacher’s name/room #.  Don’t forget to label your canopy AND the case it comes with. 

Thank you,

Wolf Canyon

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